Where has my baby gone!?!?

Wesley is almost 9 months old! This post has taken me forever to write! I started it before he turned 8 months old and now I will be lucky to get this posted before he turns 9 months.

Wesley is all boy, always on the go, and already mischievous. He is at a stage where he chews on everything and everything goes into his mouth. I even had to put a PSA out there not to let him put his mouth to anyone’s cause he is a baby and doesn’t know better but no one’s mouth/lips should touch his. I get bitten on a daily basis because he has gotten 3 teeth and number 4 is currently cutting in. He even tries to bite my toes if he can see them! He began crawling the week before he turned 7 months and now he is pulling up on everything, cruising on the furniture and behind his walker, even if he isn’t always super graceful. I have a feeling that walking will be in the not so distant future. We have learned to wave and at times clap but not all the time. Now we are waiting for that first word to be said.

Once Wesley started crawling and pulling up on everything we had to start baby proofing the house. We installed plug covers and baby gates as well as a gate around our fireplace to keep him from hitting his head. I also bought furniture straps to use on his dressers so that he can’t pull them over. The living room has essentially turned into the baby play room since I can keep him contained there. There is one extension cord that runs behind a chair that basically plugs in everything, the lamp, my computer, phone charger and there is no other plug I can use for these things that is behind the fireplace gate. Wesley is like a homing pigeon. He goes back to that power strip over and over again no matter how many times I tell him no, pick him up and move him away from it. I keep trying to think of a way to block it off with a piece of furniture or something so he can’t get to it. When I tell him no he also laughs at me so clearly the terrible two’s and teenage years are looking great!

Last we checked about three weeks ago, Wesley was 17lbs 7oz and 27 1/2 inches long but I know he is heavier than that now. He eats solids twice a day and LOVES puffs. He also thinks anything that I am eating is for him as well. He takes bites of anything that I am eating that isn’t spicy. He has tried pancakes, biscuit, cookie-he pitched fit what could I do??, ice cream sandwich, popsicle, brisket, Cheese fritter which he didn’t care for and a couple of other things.

We went to Litchfield Beach with Will’s family for the annual family beach trip for the week of the fourth. Wesley is clearly my child since he loved the beach and probably clocked more hours on it than any of us. We would get up in the morning and go down to the beach at 10, he we drink his bottle and fall asleep in his stroller under the tent for 1-2 hours then play in his baby pool under the tent for a while before having another bottle and taking another nap about two o’clock for another 1-2 hours. He took his naps all week on the beach and played in the sand and surf. He was the best! He almost made it through the fireworks without waking up but after an hour of booms he woke up. Our neighbors had to have spent thousands on fireworks. It was as good as any firework show I have seen. Wesley also got to try some of my popsicle, and an ice cream sandwich. I may have created a monster! He got to meet and play with all of his cousins from Will’s side of the family at the beach and they had so much fun together.img_5762img_5759img_5663img_5660img_5645img_5642img_5639img_5631img_5602img_5607

Will’s sister does photography and she took some pictures for us while we were there as well and I am in love with them! They turned out so good, but Wesley also makes it easy. He is just in such a good mood 99% of the time even when its past his bedtime and he spent the entire day on the beach getting worn out. Here are some of the pictures that we took at the beach.

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Currently we have hit the 8 month sleep regression which has been ROUGH, Wesley went from maybe waking up once a night, sometimes sleeping through the night, to waking up multiple times a night and refusing to be put back down in his crib or he screams, cries, and hyperventilates himself.  I am not one who is into co-sleeping but when he starts freaking out like this and I can’t get him to go back down he ends up in our bed. This is not a habit I want to start or continue with, but for now it’s how I get enough sleep to survive. Wesley has also been cutting his top two teeth to make four teeth total. He got the first two in early June as I was about to get out of school. Wesley is absolutely fine going to anyone, I don’t think he has ever met a stranger but for about a week if you set him down and walked away he would freak out. Thank you separation anxiety! All of these lovely things hit around the 8 month mark.

Last Thursday my parents, Wesley and I were supposed to head to Memphis to see my brother and and sister in law. They met Wesley at Christmas but hadn’t gotten to see him since and we had never been to Memphis so Wesley and I crashed their trip. As we were loading the car to leave for Memphis, I was in the kitchen gathering bottles for Wesley and heard a thud and ran out to the livingroom to find my mom on the ground holding her arm. She was coming down the stairs and thought she was on the last one and fell. Her arm was very painful so we took her to Urgent care and they did an X-ray and she had broken her arm!! They put it in a sling and an orthopedist said she needed to be seen in a week. So the trip started off with a BANG! We didn’t know if we were going to be able to still go but she was a trooper and said we are doing it. So we got a late start but made it to memphis with one short little meltdown in Atlanta thanks to a poopy diaper.

We had a lot of fun in Memphis. We went to see where my brother works and where they are building a house at way too much good food, went to see the ducks walk at the Peabody Hotel which of course ended up with my brother finding the loudest toy in the gift shop that “Wesley said” he had to have. My sister In law Caroline is an amazing hostess. She had robes, slippers, bathroom supplies, got Wesley an Adorable hooded lion towel, bought him toys to play with and puffs etc. I promise I will be stepping my game up guys!

From Memphis we drove to Indiana to see my grandma who had not gotten to meet Wesley yet. He did really well on the way to her house in the car and when we got there he got to meet my Grandma, my Aunt Deanna, cousin Kristin and her little girl Karlyn who is about to become a big sister. It was so nice to get to see them all and catch up in person for the first time in like two years! After spending the night there we then drove back to Greenville.

Total we hit 11 states on our trip, Wesley slept through a good chunk of them but managed to have a FULL ON meltdown the last 15 minutes in the car. This is a small taste of the pre meltdown and the crazy duck toy he got at the gift shop that sings, flaps and hops.

My dad was in the back seat with him and he tried everything to calm him, and then we had to pull out the dancing duck from the Peabody gift shop. After playing it multiple times he calmed down but then my dad wiped fuzz off of Wesley face and all hell broke loose! I called Will to let him know that we were coming in hot so he could move my parents car and be prepared for the screams that were bringing

Overall we had a good trip and Wesley handled the long stretches in the car extremely well.

He made friends pretty much every pit stop we made including the nice Sheriff’s officers that stopped to make sure we were ok on the side of the exit ramp in the mountains. They laughed when we said we had to make a diaper stop but there was NOTHING around us to stop at so I think they were used to people pulling over there. He flirted with the ladies at Wendy’s and at brunch anyone who sat beside us he entertained. Our waitress couldn’t help but get her hands on him he was flirting so much.

Wesley is just growing up so quickly and it’s amazing to watch but it is so true babies don’t keep. I miss my little baby sometimes but I love his little personality and seeing him learn all of these new things.

Keep your eyes out for a post soon about my baby essentials and items that I didn’t love or could have lived without.


6 Months Old

How in the world is my child 6 months old?!?!DSC_1123

Time goes by so fast as a parent. He is growing so quickly and I honestly feel like I just had him a couple weeks ago. He went from this little squishy newborn to a ball of personality that is rolling both ways, sleeping on his belly and eating solids. I think the biggest thing a lot of people don’t realize before having children is that it is A LOT of work! So many people have kids because that’s what you are supposed to do right? But being a parents isn’t just having a baby it’s everything that comes after the birth. It’s late night feedings and screaming car rides and learning to do most all task with one hand because the other arm is holding a baby. It’s no longer about you. It’s about doing what is good and right for your baby not what is easy. Breastfeeding is hard, pumping is hard. Trying to carve out time during the workday to get enough food for your baby for the next day is VERY hard. There are days I have wanted to quit and I don’t have as hard of a time as a lot of women do pumping/breastfeeding. There are days I have had to skip a pump because of an issue that had to be dealt with, which means not enough milk for the next day and dipping into the freezer stash, as well as being physically uncomfortable and risking issues like clogged ducts or mastitis. There was a day I got to work, went to pump and realized I had no pump parts and had to go buy them. Pumping is a full time job on top of having a full time job but that’s what I feel is best for my baby at this time so I make it work and for some people it doesn’t work. I have officially reached 700 ounces in the freezer but that has taken me around 5 months to do because I was only pumping once a day to freeze before I returned to work. When I first went back to work some days I had nothing to freeze other days I did.

Being Wesley’s mom is exhausting and so rewarding. I haven’t slept through the night since he was born and guess what, that’s normal! I spend all the time I’m away from him wanting to be with him and wondering what he is doing and my time with him being amazed. Watching him learn new things is so incredible. Now we can tell he recognizes us both, he lights up when he sees us, he loves bath time and now gets to sit in his seat in the tub vs using the lay down sling. He can sit up on his own and is working sooooo hard trying to crawl. Those darn knees just won’t do what he wants them to. He moves in a circle and sometimes backwards but hasn’t gotten his knees under him yet. He is sleeping in the pack and play in our room and now sleeps on his belly, since he rolls both ways, which I was totally not ready for. He sleeps facedown not to the side. I felt his face the other night to make sure his nose wasn’t squished. This week he will move to his crib and I am really not ready for that. When Wesley can’t sleep he has learned to run his finger nails up and down on the side of the pack and play to make a horrible scraping noise to get attention. He does’t cry or fuss cause he isn’t mad he just wants attention.He has tried avocado, sweet potato, squash, carrots, peas, prunes and green beans and has liked them all except peas but he still ate it. Prunes caused a horrible blow out in the target parking lot that required me and my sister in law to use a lot of wipes. He had to sit on a burp cloth on the way home because his car seat still had poo in it. He goes nuts when he sees a bottle of milk and tries to steal food from us and our plates. He is pretty good at holding his bottle but he can’t tip it back enough at the end to get all of his milk out. His cousin Mary Lynn makes him crack up! It is so cute to see the two of them together now that they are both so aware of each other. Lord help us when the two of them are older especially being so close in age.

Wesley had his first rash a few weeks ago which the doctor thinks was the result of a little virus going around. At 5 months he weighed 14lbs 10oz. We may be a low percentile for weight (11%) but this child eats! He is getting solids twice a day and gets around 30-32oz of milk a day as well.

Contrary to his faced he has liked all the foods he has been given minus peas.

We also had our first busted nose/black eye. We are pretty sure he punched himself in the face during tummy time. It bruised and bled but he acted just fine. The doctor said nothing was broken and I’m sure it will be the first of many with this little nut. At this appointment he was up to 15lbs 9oz.

We just passed the two year anniversary of losing the triplets. And time does not heal all wounds. It’s still really hard. I cried multiple times over the course of 11 days going through the memories and emotions of losing them. It’s amazing to think that we survived 11 days of hell 2 years ago when we went to the hospital and came home empty handed and broken hearted. I thought about parenting 3 little boys, thought about all we missed out on losing them and all we have gained from Wesley being here. There are random times when I will get upset thinking about them or start wondering how it would have been with them, it might be a timehop memory or something on TV etc. and i think it will always be like that. I hope and pray that we are able to give Wesley a sibling or siblings but I also realize that it may never happen. Don’t get me wrong we are so very thankful for him but we both have siblings and we wouldn’t have wanted to be only children so is it wrong of me to want him to have siblings? I also think about how someday we will have to explain to him that he has brothers in heaven.

Wesley melted my heart Sunday morning. I was pumping so I put him in bed with me so that I could keep him entertained and when I got done I laid down with him and he rolled over grabbed my shirt and wanted to snuggle. It was just so sweet and so we snuggled for a little bit and he fell back asleep. Those little moments are everything.

I promise I will keep trying to update the blog but it’s not easy trying to sit down and write a blog post. I’m pretty sure this one has taken me a month to write. Below are some pictures I took this weekend to document Wesley being 6 months old.

Being a mom

Wesley is six weeks old! I truly can’t believe he is already six weeks. The last few weeks have flown by. I feel like we haven’t accomplished much in the last couple weeks other than eating, pooping/peeing, and at times sleeping. I consider myself very fortunate that Wesley has been a very good baby so far. He really only cries when he needs to poop or he is hungry. I cannot even begin to explain how much we love this little boy.

The more I think about it, the more I realize how crazy it is that you walk into the hospital very pregnant and a few days after you go home with a brand new baby and you are supposed to know what to do. And yet you figure it out. It just happens and you do it and you love them and when they look at you, you just melt.

Things have been going really well so far He is growing like a weed. I don’t understand how a person can grow so quickly. Since we left the hospital he has grown 2 1/4 inches and gained over 2 lbs as of his one month appointment. We had newborn pictures done when Wesley was 12 days old and of course Wesley didn’t want to make it easy and sleep and when he was sleeping he had his brow furrowed.

The second night we were home Wesley cluster fed all night long, I mean every thirty minutes. This did some serious damage to me which resulted in me having to use shields and get medicated cream. After I healed we had to learn how to feed again without them which was difficult because they allowed him to be lazy and not work for his meal but feedings are going great and we haven’t had any problems since then.

Wesley took his first bottle last week and I literally cried the entire time. Will was looking at me like I was a crazy person, I mean it was my milk but it had so many meanings. It meant that we were about half way done with maternity leave, that now I wasn’t the only one who could feed him, and that he is growing so quickly. For 5 1/2 weeks I was the only one providing my child with food and now that changed in a second. He did not fuss or refuse the bottle like some babies do, he sucked down four ounces like a champ which was also hard. Not that I wanted it to be a struggle but I wanted him to want me.

As a mom you get constant advice from people that you don’t ask for like sleep when the baby sleeps… guess what my body also needs food and to go to the bathroom and the occasional shower, so I can’t just sleep when he sleeps. Sometimes he doesn’t sleep… at all, or unless being held. Other times he only sleeps for 5 minutes at a time. There are days that I don’t get a shower or only get to shave one leg. Most mornings he doesn’t want to go back in his bassinet after his 4am feeding so I hold him on my chest so that he will go back to sleep.

On the way home from the hospital we bought an owlet monitor. Yes we are 100% those parents! After everything we have been through do you really think I would just be able to sleep and think everything was ok? Heck no! In the hospital I would roll over and stare into his bassinet to make sure he was breathing. Now with the Owlet monitor I don’t have to do that. It puts my mind at ease and allows me to sleep and not hover over him. Since Wesley doesn’t like to go back to sleep in his bassinet after that 4am feeding Will has started to go to crossfit at 5am since Wesley is like his new alarm clock.

I did accidentally set the monitor off feeding him in the nursery one night. I went in there to feed hoping to let Will sleep and instead I scared the crap out of him. Let me tell you the alert is very loud! It started to pick up my heart rate when I was nursing and set off the alert. Will came running out of our room thinking something was wrong.

Being a mom is amazing and scary and at times frustrating but I wouldn’t change it for anything, I think of what it would have been like with three babies at once and wonder how it would have been different. I love being Wesley’s mom. There are still times we get questions like “Oh is this your first” and we have to decide are going to make things awkward and say “Well technically no but the first to come home with us” or do you just say “Yes”. I have been saying “Yes” lately but then I feel guilty at times doing so but I don’t always want to see the strange look on peoples faces when they try to figure out what I mean by technically no or have to explain it to them. There have also been a few times that I have almost called Wesley “Theo”. I feel like we talked about Theo more than the twins because they were still born and he wasn ‘t so I am used to saying his name.

Will and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on November 10th. Normally we go to Ruth’s Chris but we ended up at papas and beer because Will was worried about Wesley crying while in a nice restaurant. He did great and didn’t make a peep. We hosted our first Thanksgiving with my parents and Mimi and Will’s parents, grandpa and Aunt and uncle. We had a good time and it was nice hosting our first holiday in our new house. Wesley went to church for the first time for his cousin’s christening and he did great. I wish we had gotten a better picture of his outfit that has a bow tie but he was too tired to wake up for pictures. We decorated our Christmas tree and put the boys ornaments at the top. I have to get Wesley’s ornament ordered so it can be added to the tree. I ordered all three of us Christmas stockings that hang along our mantle with our names on them and Christmas cards with our Christmas pictures we had done.

I look forward to many more family pictures and watching this sweet little boy grow up and become a wonderful man. But I don’t want him becoming a man just yet, he needs to stay little as long as possible.

Delivery day

My last photo being pregnant with Wesley.

Getting ready this morning I cried in the shower thinking this could be the last time I’m ever pregnant. That my body may never grow another baby and feel those amazing kicks and movements. We have two frozen embryos left but we have had a number of failed transfers so I don’t get my hopes up that they will take. I hope we are able to have more children because I want Wesley to get to be a sibling but we don’t know what the future holds.

We came into the new Patewood birth center at 8 to begin the induction process. The new labor and delivery center at Patewood really is beautiful. The rooms are huge, the one I was in even had a birthing tub in it. First thing was starting the IV. I warned the nurses that I am not an easy stick. After two nurses and two tries they called the nurse anesthetist to come do it and he got it in. The second attempt hit a nerve in my wrist and it felt like I had been struck my lightning. The nurses started Pitocin to start the labor process and gradually it was increased from 8am-12:30pm.

Around 1:30pm our doctor, Dr. Shoultz came in and broke my water. After that contractions increased and the anesthesiologist came to do my epidural. Will had been trying to get me to get the epidural earlier but I remembered how painful it was from last time and wanted to wait a while before getting it. The problem was that after I got my epidural I noticed that where my left leg met my body in front was not numb, at all. I was able to fully feel every contraction on that side. They came in and gave me another shot of pain meds in my IV which did nothing. I had also warned them that I get sick from pain meds/anesthetic so they gave me some anti nausea medication in my IV to help.

Because he still wasn’t low enough, they had me put the giant peanut pillow ball thing between my knees to open things up. This meant I really couldn’t change positions to try and deal with the pain of contractions and still had a giant spot that wasn’t getting any pain relief. I was that lady in labor moaning in pain and gripping the bed rail. They tried one last pain shot and it had me dry heaving. After that they determined Wesley was sitting on a nerve and that’s why the epidural wasn’t reaching that one area.

Around 7pm Wesley was a bit lower so they decided to see how some pushing would go because I was having more pressure and was fully dilated. Pushing was just enough to move him to where the pain lessened which was great. For the next little bit I pushed but then I started to throw up from the pain meds. Throwing up while in labor is not fun and it put pushing on hold

I got some peppermint gum to chew on which really helped me stop throwing up. Then we were able to make more progress. They had turned my pitocin down some so my contractions started to space out too much so they turned it back up to get things going again. Dr. Shoultz came in and it was delivery time.

Dr. Shoultz delivered Tucker for us last time so it was nice to have someone who knew us and what we have been through delivering Wesley. We also ended up with three nurses  from last time that we recognized and who remembered us as well. I was the only one in active labor at the time so we had all the nurses in with us. I told them I had brought my camera with me and that we would love pictures if anyone would take them so one of the nurses took pictures the whole time which was amazing! I had to use oxygen between contractions for both of our heart rates and Dr. Shoultz told us if Wesley didn’t want to come out on his own he would have to help with forceps but we most likely wouldn’t need to do that.

After pushing for over two hours I was told to stop and push very gently. Wesley was born at 10:25pm on 10/25/17. He was 7lbs 7oz and 20 1/4 inches long. He was beautiful and crying and we were instantly in love. He was placed on my chest immediately after birth and Will was able to cut the cord. He started reaching up and was holding onto my face while we experiencing skin to skin. This was the delivery we wanted and dreamed of.




Our last pregnancy we had two still births and a preemie who was rushed to the NICU almost the moment he was born. We didn’t get to smile and ooo and ahh over them, we didn’t get to hold them and comfort their cries. This time, was totally different, Wesley was immediately placed on my chest where he stayed for the next hour. I got to comfort my son as he cried from being born, and feel his skin against mine. This is referred to as the magical hour for a reason, it truly is magical. This is one of those moments in life you just don’t forget.

He is the answer to so many prayers and we can’t thank those of you who have been on this journey with us enough. Our friends and family who have been so supportive the last 5 years and our amazing medical team, Dr. Miller and his team with Fertility Center of the Carolinas, you always listened to us and eased our minds and you never gave up on us, you are like family.

The high risk doctors and sonographers at GHS Maternal Fetal Medicine for taking time to explain things to us and talk us through everything with both pregnancies and give us lots of pictures of our little ones.

Dr. Shoultz, Dr. MacClenahan and the rest of the team at Piedmont OBGYN, although our deliveries last time were not exactly a happy time, you guys were there for us and made the best out of a terrible situation. This pregnancy you kept me from going crazy by being calm and supportive and you helped us have a “normal” pregnancy and delivery experience.

40 Weeks

We have started weekly appointments at the doctors office. These are super short and they basically just measure my belly, do his heart rate and check to make sure I don’t have any protein in my urine. Now we are just sitting and waiting and boy are we ready!! I am much more impatient than Will is and I clearly I am the only physically carrying around the extra weight of a baby and having numb fingers and fat feet so its not a surprise. There really hasn’t been anything big going on the last couple weeks other than just trying to relax and wait for him to get here!

At 39 weeks on the dot I had very strong contractions for over an hour but they were oddly spaced and different lengths of time but they died out and went away over night so we didn’t go to the hospital today 10/18 I have my 39 week appointment to see if anything is happening and how things are measuring. I also have some lovely sinus drainage which is making my throat hurt and I just want to eat some soup and drink some apple cider and lay around watching bad TV but I’m still working.

At my appointment there still wasn’t much going on. Still only 50% effaced and 1.5 dialated. I asked what the plan was if I haven’t had him by his due date and the nurse practitioner said that we would talk about scheduling an induction at my next appointment. They didn’t have anything for Tuesday so I am going back Monday. 

 Monday at my appointment I was between 3-4 dialated and was told I could go up to a week on my own to wait for labor or we could talk induction. We were ready!!! So we scheduled our induction for Wednesday 10/25. 

36 Week update

33 Weeks

So Will and I did some work on the nursery this weekend and got the curtain rod/curtains hung, the little shelves and decor above the crib hung. I still have to paint the new draw pulls for the dressers and get those put on and I have order the book shelves, and side table for his room. My dad is going to do a framed out pegboard for above the changing table so that I can put some baskets on it to have diaper and wipes and other things accessible and out of the way at the same time. Will also worked on painting the window trim in the kitchen and living room so that it will all be ready for the shower in a couple weeks.

34 Weeks

So this week started off with two days off school and no power! Hurricane Irma gave us some rain and a lot of wind in the upstate and while the rest of the neighborhood kept power our street and 1 or 2 others lost power for a while. Compared to what some people lost from the hurricane it wasn’t much but I had spent the entire first weekend of September shopping for groceries and making freezer meals for after Wesley arrives so we don’t have to worry about shopping and cooking then. Everything in our refrigerator had to be thrown out as it was all room temp for hours but we were able to save our freezer items luckily. We were informed by the neighbors that our street loses power a few times a year and so Will decided it was better just to be prepared and have a generator so that with a baby in the house and a freezer/fridge full of food we didn’t have to worry about throwing everything out every time we lose power. I will say that trying to sleep without power at anytime is rough because I am hot natured and run the ceiling fan as well as an oscillating fan next to the bed but sleeping while pregnant and without power SUCKS! The fan also provides some white noise so we don’t hear every single sound throughout the night like the dog dreaming or rolling over and I did not sleep well without it.

Tuesday while we were without power our washer and dryer also arrived which made installation a little challenging since we couldn’t exactly turn the lights on. But luckily our power came on about 2 hours later and we were able to get them running and I love them! I did what would have been three loads of laundry in the old washer in one load! I do have an issue reaching the bottom of the washer and will most likely have to get a small step stool to use but they are great.

The fence company also called to say they would be starting our fence on Wednesday and of course we lost power in the afternoon again which caused them to lose a little time working. The fence so far looks great and I can’t wait for it to be finished and not have to walk around with the dogs for them to go potty but just be able to open the back door especially when baby is here and the weather isn’t great. Even with the short work week it has felt long! It was great getting to wear jeans this week to help support spirit week over at the high school though. We also took our Maternity photos today with Lauren Miller Photography! She just makes the whole process so painless and not awkward at all.

This weekend my dad came up to help Will paint. It is not Will’s favoreite thing to do but now that it’s mostly done it looks great! Will also white washed the fireplace which looks so much better than it did before. 

Living room before livingroom

Living room after grass cloth wallpaper removal, chair rail removal, paint on walls and trim and whitewash on fireplace.

We still have some things to eventually do to this room like switch out the ceiling fan so its not this version of stained glass and hang things on the walls. We also have to get slip covers for the chairs and ottoman.

35 Weeks

So yesterday we had our 35 week appointment with the high risk doctor to officially make the decision if I have to have a C-section or not. They also did a growth scan to measure Wesley and see what is size was since I was measuring ahead at my last regular appointment. The good news is Wesley is measuring great he is right on track and measuring in the 61st percentile. I also DO NOT have to have a C-section!!! I am very excited about this. The placenta has moved enough that now I can just have a regular birth. They did notice that my amniotic fluid level is on the high side of normal. Normally high fluid can be associated with gestational diabetes which I tested negative for. He said that some people can still kind of have a glucose intolerance and to not eat sugary stuff this week and we will recheck my fluid level next week and as long as it isn’t increasing we are fine. Wesley is head down which is good so now its just waiting until he is ready to make his appearance cause Will and I certainly are ready!

36 Weeks

So this week I had my regular OB appointment Tuesday and she said I was measuring right at 36 weeks not ahead and then Wednesday I had my mfm appointment to check my fluid level. She took a bunch of pictures for me and of course Wesley had his hands up by his face and wouldn’t move them but he had no problem showing off his little man bits again. I was a little worried when the tech was asking me if they had me checking my sugar levels and I said no I passed the GD test with flying colors. So the doctor came in and said there was no jump in my fluid and that I was officially being released by mfm! They estimated that he weighs about 6lbs 11oz right now. She said that he might decide to come earlier than my due date and that when my water breaks I will know it for sure because I will have some extra.

Now I just have my regular weekly appointments with my OB and Wesley can come on out whenever he is ready! Will just did my last weekly Mekena injection this morning so I am now done with those which is very nice. I don’t love starting my Thursdays off with a shot in the butt muscle that’s sore for a day or two after. This weekend my sisters-in law and two of my best friends are throwing me a baby shower and I am very excited. I wanted to wait as long as possible since last time we had a baby shower and then lost our boys so it just made me more comfortable to wait as long as we could before having one. We also got our maternity pictures back from Lauren! Here are some of my favorites.

The baby shower turned out great and I am so grateful for such wonderful friends and family that came to celebrate baby Wesley with us. The girls did such a great job with everything. The decorations were beautiful and mom even made this amazing wreath.

 Mimi was even able to come and it was so good getting to spend time with her. Dad also created this great pegboard for above the changing table to hold all the stuff for changing Wesley and for decoration. It turned out great! Now I just have to finish putting stuff on it. And we have to put the draw pulls on the dressers.  

Now I am just trying to patiently wait for Wesley to get here but I am ready!

What’s in a name?

A name is a big deal. Having taught high school for 7 years and started my third year as a school counselor I have heard a lot of names and they have not all been good. A lot of times in life your name is the first impression someone gets of you. When you go to the doctors office they will call that name out loud, teachers will be calling it for roll from preschool through college, it will be at the top of your resume and many other places. I remember hearing a news story once about the more unique a persons name, the more likely they were to go to prison! Really!?!? I also remember growing up with 4 Ashleys and 3 Megans in pretty much every class and how they all wanted something a little different for their name.

Listening to all the names read at graduation ceremonies over the years I have heard some very good names and some very bad names. I have butchered a lot of names over the years reading them off my roster while teaching and had kids tell me they go by something totally different than their given name because “no one can say it or spell it”.

When I was pregnant with our triplets we had the task of not just deciding on a name for one child but on names for three little boys. They needed to go together but not be too matchy. They ended up all getting a family name and a name that was just theirs. Somehow we found three names that all started with “T” that they would go by. Will would throw out names that I would say “OH NO…I taught a student with that name and I just can’t call my child that” or I would throw one out and it was someone he went to school with that he didn’t like or worked with etc. This time there is no T, there is no matching and it was much much harder to find another name that we liked since we had already used so many names last time.

I kept coming back to a name that I only knew one person from childhood with the name, never taught anyone with the name and just liked it and luckily when I told Will what it was he liked it too. So we had officially decided on a first name but middle name was back and forth. We had a non family name that I threw out and we both liked, but I realized that with men especially, it is a big deal to pass their name on and so I asked Will if he would want to use William as a middle name. Our son Tucker who is not with us, his first name was William. He was not going to go by it and a lot of people probably couldn’t tell you that was his first name. It took me some time to really be OK with using this name again because I didn’t want anyone to feel like we were taking away from him by using this name again or honoring him over his brothers by using it. Our son will know about his brothers, they aren’t going to be a secret.

So after many month of thinking over this decision we have finally made the decision that our son will be named Wesley William Swartz.

32 Week update

So I apologize for this post! Normally I start the post and update week by week as I go along and I didn’t this time so I feel like it’s kind of short and boring. 

Week 29

This week I went back to work. We don’t have students yet just working on making sure that students all have schedules and nothing has gotten messed up in the schedule. I am getting used to having a new commute and figuring out the best way to get to work from the new house. I went to switcharoos a huge consignment sale in Greenville and ended up not buying anything, the line was INSANE!!! 

Week 30

I am back at work and things have been super busy! Things are going well but man I miss sleeping in until 8. Waking up at 5:30 is a little rough. We had our appointment with the mfm doctor and my placenta has moved enough to be considered low lying VS previa now but not enough that they want me to do a regular delivery. Luckily he said instead of deciding now we will come back at 35 weeks for a final measurement and decision. Still hoping I do not have to have the C-section. 

Week 31

This was officially our first week back at work with students. I’m still feeling pretty good but was wiped out by the end of the day. The only shoes that I can wear comfortably right now are my rainbows. My other shoes are snug across the top of my feet first thing in the morning so I can only imagine what they would be like by 4pm. I took a deep breath at work and busted my shirt open yes I am serious! Luckily I wear tank tops under everything so no exposure happened. I just hate to spend money on maternity tops this late in the game. 

My adorable neice was born this week and so we were dog sitting two of my brothers dogs. They do not sleep!!! Will ended up sleeping in the guest room with their dogs so that I could get some sleep. Don’t let this innocent looking face fool you she is the devil at night. 

Week 32

Went for my check up with the doctor and I’m meauring 2 weeks ahead. That is just by measuring my belly not by meauring baby on an ultrasound. So we will see what things look like when we have our last ultrasound on 9/20. I am hoping at our appointment that everything has moved enough so that a c-section isn’t needed. 

I cried doing laundry

Sunday I washed my first load of baby clothes. I never made it to this point in my last pregnancy. At 23 weeks we went to the hospital pregnant with triplets and came home 11 days later with no children. There were clothes bought for our boys last time that never got washed or worn and at almost 29 weeks with our rainbow baby boy I washed a load of baby clothes. I cried over clothes that were intended for his brothers and I cried because we have made it to the point of actually getting the nursery ready and getting things organized and put away. There are clothing items I have three of because there were supposed to be three little boys wearing them that now only one will wear.

I’m sure some people might think cutting the tags off items and washing them is no big deal, after over a year I couldn’t have returned them anyways, but it’s a huge deal. Clearly this pregnancy feels real I feel him moving and kicking and rolling all the time now but I felt a lot of movement last time and then it was gone in the blink of an eye before I could prepare their room or wash their clothes. But having made it this far we have actually painted his room and his dressers, I have bought decor for the wall and I have bought other baby items. Last pregnancy Will and I had each bought eachother onesies for Valentine’s Day but other than that we didn’t buy anything else. So the realness had gone up a couple notches.

28 week update

25 weeks

img_2715For the end of week 24 beginning of week 25 we spent vacation down in Pawleys Island. It was nice to be able to sit on the beach and relax. The beach has always been one of my favorite most relaxing places. I honestly sat on the beach under the canopy all day reading which was great. Of course the front half of my body and the back half are two very different colors from not being able to lay on my stomach at all. I read the Girl in Cabin 10 which was good and started on Two days Gone. Summer is really the only time I have the time to read. This summer I have not read as much because I keep falling asleep early and not getting as many pages done per night. The hardest thing was trying not to gorge myself on seafood every night we were there. I LOVE seafood and just wanted shrimp and fish and scallops every night but I tried to pace myself especially with the girls coming to meet me for another couple of days after the family trip. My sister in law was nice enough to take some picture for me down on the beach during our trip as well. Beach baby '17

26 weeks


For the end of week 25 beginning of week 26 I stayed down at the beach and my girlfriends came to meet up with me for our annual beach trip. Unfortunately Mother Nature was not very nice to us and we only had 2 days of sunshine. We managed to read our book club book in one afternoon/evening since it was ugly outside. Behind closed doors is a good read but it is dark. We met up with another friend of ours and went to dinner and a breakout room one night which was lots of fun. We had to try to find some preggo friendly activities since last year we went to play BINGO which was really fun and hilarious but all the old ladies in there were chain smokers so that was not an option this year. We ended up missing the record for the room by two minutes but we had fun!

I have been feeling lots of rolling movements and baby has officially found my lungs and likes to cramp them at times. Since I got home from the beach I have been around the new house trying to organize and doing lots of laundry.

27 weeks


I have been feeling good still and not having any issues. It drive me crazy that I went from going to crossfit 4-5 times a week to not being allowed to do more than walk because of my placenta previa. Week 27 pretty much consisted of me trying to get some house projects started/done since I have still been feeling good. Since moving, we have rooms to paint and some wallpaper to remove so Will and I got started on the work. First Will got the nursery painted so I could then paint the dressers and start getting things washed and put away in preparation for baby Swartz to get here. The dining room is mauve and I didn’t like the color cut outs in the bottom so I did a first coat on everything below the chair rail white. It still needs another coat but my back needed a break from sitting on the floor all afternoon. 

And when you are 7 months pregnant and have been sitting on the floor painting for some time its just easier to lay down and take a break than it is to stand up and go sit on the couch knowing you will have to get back up.

The front room had this very lovely bag paint finish on the walls in two shades of green which was just as bad if not worse than the mauve in the dining room so while Will was at work I taped all of the trim except around the ceiling. Will then came home and taped the ceiling and put on the first coat of paint and then did the second coat of paint the following evening. I give the man credit, he went to work all day and then went to crossfit and then came home and painted two nights in a row which makes for a long tiring day.

My husbands dressers from when he was a child are good solid wood dressers but just needed a little work so last year when we were expecting my dad had removed the pulls and sanded them both down so we could paint them and they then sat in that state until this week when I finally chalk painted them both grey. The paint didn’t turn out as dark as I wanted but they still look good. I still have to wax them both now that all of the paint has dried on the dressers and their drawers.

Our back hallway needed some kind of organization with dog leashes and umbrellas etc. so I went over to Hobby Lobby and found this cute little shelf/bin/hook combo that was 50% off to put in the back hall to keep things organized and off the floor. It’s so nice not having all of the dog leashes looped over the bathroom door now.

And what seems like the never ended project is the family room. 33 year old grass cloth wallpaper does not like to come off the wall. And while Will was trying to remove wallpaper I of course had to suggest taking off the chair rail as well. The kitchen and family room are the only two rooms in the house with brown trim which will all get painted white but I figured it would be easier to not have to paint chair rail and not have to tape it off to paint above and below it. So really I was trying to save us work in the long run. The grass cloth itself is now off the wall but Will is still working on steaming off all of the paper backing and the walls will then have to be sanding, skim coated, and primed before painting. I am also planning to white wash our fireplace. The room is just very dark and needs some lighting up so we will do a light wall color along with the white trim and white washed fire place.

28 weeks


Hello THIRD Trimester!! It feels great to have made it this far since last time we didn’t make it past 23/24 weeks. Baby loves being difficult every time we have an ultrasound or they try to use the heart Doppler on him. He hides behind my belly button to make it hard for them to see what they need to. Today I got to drink the lovely glucose drink. Don’t let it fool you it says fruit punch but it tasted like Robitusson to me. I got it down OK and was fine until the last 5 minutes before my blood draw and started feeling a little sick but hopefully I passed!! Fingers crossed I find out Friday, just don’t want to suffer through the 3 hour test.


The doctor said that I am measuring right on for 28 weeks and that everything looked and sounded good. I had to get the Rhogam shot since I am a negative blood type. In two weeks I go back to MFM for an ultrasound to see if my placenta has moved away from my cervix. I would prefer not to have to do a C-section so say some prayers that it will move by then. At that appointment I also get to get the T-dap shot. Next week I go back to work. I feel like summer just started and now its over already. I am just so ready for this sweet baby boy to be here but I am trying to be patient. I just wish I could be one of those moms who could just be relaxed and enjoy pregnancy and never worry about something bad happening. I am so envious of those people. Where as I worry all the time about if he is kicking and moving enough, how long was I asleep on my back before I woke up, if I ate something I shouldn’t have or if stuff will just fall apart for no reason like last time. I know that worry doesn’t stop once you have a baby that it just changes to worrying about other things but it would be nice not to worry during pregnancy.